Industrial-Grade Equipment Fabrication

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TEEMS Manufacturing is a custom engineering and fabrication facility that specializes in the design and production of heavy-duty equipment for a variety of industrial sectors and applications.


We're a family-owned operation with generations of experience and integrity backing the reputation of our name. Our commitment to our customers is a commitment to our family values. That's why our values-added commitment ensures every piece of equipment we build measures up to the standards that have defined our reputation for over a generation.



Our 22,000 sqft fabrication facility is engineered for efficiency and home to an impressive lineup of advanced machinery. 

 8 Loading Docks

4 Production Bays

16 Welding Stations

15 Ton Overhead Bridge Crane

2 4000 lb Lifting Jib Cranes

Advanced Plasma Cutter & Bandsaw

Sub-Arc Portable Welding System

CNC Beam Coping Machine

85 Ton Hydraulic Iron Worker

TEEMS has the manufacturing capability to fabricate custom equipment for a wide range of industrial-grade applications-  but even though the needs of our customers vary, our values-added commitment ensures every piece of equipment we build measures up to the integrity that's defined our reputation for over a generation.


Oil & Gas

General Industrial


Renewable Energy




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